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Organization NameStateYearFormPagesTotal assetsEIN
World Wildlife FundNY2018990PF 17$384,057.0011-2779306
World Wildlife FundNY2017990PF 17$0.0011-2779306
World Wildlife FundDC2017990 282$488,571,414.0052-1693387
World Wildlife FundNY2016990PF 18$0.0011-2779306
World Wildlife FundDC2016990 82$481,710,624.0052-1693387
World Wildlife Fund CanadaZZ2019990 51$10,172,412.0098-0203027
World Wildlife Fund CanadaZZ2018990 52$9,812,141.0098-0203027
World Wildlife Fund CanadaZZ2017990 52$8,841,601.0098-0203027
World Wildlife Fund IncDC2019990  $508,462,156.0052-1693387