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Organization NameStateYearFormPagesTotal assetsEIN
Gygi Von Wyss FoundationMI2018990PF 21$4,793.0038-2472472
Gygi Von Wyss FoundationMI2017990PF 20$19,413.0038-2472472
Gygi Von Wyss FoundationMI2016990PF 22$4,194.0038-2472472
The Wyss FoundationOR2019990PF 32$12,778,840.0093-1010019
The Wyss FoundationDC2018990PF 45$2,410,709,102.0025-1823874
The Wyss FoundationOR2018990PF 35$11,697,379.0093-1010019
The Wyss FoundationDC2017990PF 36$2,505,222,479.0025-1823874
The Wyss FoundationOR2017990PF 36$11,267,806.0093-1010019
The Wyss FoundationDC2016990PF 51$2,280,391,352.0025-1823874
Wyss FoundationPA2001990PF 43$48,669,272.0023-1823874
The Wyss Medical Foundation, Inc.DC2018990PF 26$58,071,706.0026-3962795
The Wyss Medical Foundation, Inc.DC2017990PF 26$62,879,839.0026-3962795
The Wyss Medical Foundation, Inc.DC2016990PF 28$65,187,814.0026-3962795