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Organization NameStateYearFormPagesTotal assetsEIN
Ethel and James Flinn FoundationMI2017990PF 33$66,384,578.0038-2143122
Ethel and James Flinn FoundationMI2016990PF 27$60,910,751.0038-2143122
Ethel and James Flinn FoundationMI2015990PF 32$59,909,272.0038-2143122
Flinn FoundationAZ2017990PF 36$227,645,240.0086-0421476
Flinn FoundationAZ2016990PF 50$205,225,306.0086-0421476
Flinn FoundationAZ2015990PF 50$204,275,946.0086-0421476
Flinn Family Foundation Inc.GA2018990PF 14$2,677.0020-8770553
Flinn Family Foundation Inc.GA2017990PF 17$299,560.0020-8770553
Flinn Family Foundation Inc.GA2016990PF 18$274,458.0020-8770553
Flinn Scientific FoundationIL2011990EZ 7$0.0031-1618963
Flinn Scientific FoundationIL2010990EZ 4$0.0031-1618963
Flinn Scientific FoundationIL2009990EO 4$0.0031-1618963
Negley Flinn Charitable FoundationPA2018990PF 86$16,283,734.0025-6755515
Negley Flinn Charitable FoundationPA2017990PF 127$15,513,878.0025-6755515
Negley Flinn Charitable FoundationPA2016990PF 88$14,125,651.0025-6755515
Patrick & Robyn Flinn Family FoundationIL2018990PF 27$702,544.0020-3949497
Patrick & Robyn Flinn Family FoundationIL2017990PF 23$1,457,379.0020-3949497
Patrick & Robyn Flinn Family FoundationIL2016990PF 26$2,057,432.0020-3949497