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990 Finder

Learn more about the information displayed in Forms 990 and 990-PF, as well as processing errors announced by the IRS.

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Barbara Koch Daniels Family FoundationDC2013990PF 16$51,360.0004-7023145
Bob Koch FoundationOH2007990EZ 18$34,905.0020-3470737
Bob Koch FoundationOH2006990EZ 15$39,996.0020-3470737
Bob Koch FoundationOH2005990 22$45,341.0020-3470737
Bussing-Koch Foundation, Inc.IN2012990PF 38$0.0035-1780862
Bussing-Koch Foundation, Inc.IN2011990PF 41$3,877,521.0035-1780862
Bussing-Koch Foundation, Inc.IN2010990PF 41$4,030,233.0035-1780862
Charles Koch FoundationKS2012990PF 50$276,881,787.0048-0918408
Charles Koch InstituteVA2012990 38$223,926,592.0027-4967732
Charles Koch InstituteVA2011990 38$60,925,272.0027-4967732
Charles Koch MinistryTX2002990EZ 5$27,580.0073-1184944
Daniels Family Foundation, Barbara KochDC2012990PF 19$78,887.0004-7023145
Daniels Family Foundation, Barbara KochDC2011990PF 19$64,051.0004-7023145
David H. Koch Charitable FoundationKS2012990PF 19$60,567,797.0048-0926946
Donald L. Koch Charitable TrustFL2013990PF 27$828,609.0043-6816032
Elmer C Koch T/WDC2004990 32$1,057,146.0052-1867915
Elmer C Koch TwPA2007990 21$0.0052-1867915
Elmer C Koch TwPA2005990 28$1,098,200.0052-1867915
F Christian Koch & Kathleen Koch Private FoundationFL2002990PF 12$0.0022-6833396
Fr Patrick H Koch S J Alumni Association Inc.TX2011990EZ 11$3,517.0020-5758240
Fr Patrick H Koch S J Alumni Association Inc.TX2010990EZ 11$4,727.0020-5758240
Fred C. and Mary R. Koch FoundationKS2012990PF 45$31,775,151.0048-6113560
George Koch Sons Inc. Benefit Plan TrustIN2004990O 8$6,701.0035-6292359
George Koch Sons Inc. Post Retirement Death Benefit PlanIN2005990O 13$1,417,527.0031-1049164
George Koch Sons Inc. Post Retirement Death Benefit PlanIN2004990O 11$1,975,946.0031-1049164
George Koch Sons Inc. Post Rtmt Death Benefit PlanIN2006990O 14$0.0031-1049164
Giuliana C. and John D. Koch FoundationOH2012990PF 21$1,070.0020-6252094
GRANT W KOCH SCHOLARSHIP FUNDMA2012990EZ 13$419,204.0004-2748898
Grant W Koch Scholarship FundMA2011990EZ 8$333,444.0004-2748898
Grant W Koch Scholarship FundMA2010990EZ 8$312,366.0004-2748898
Gwendolyn Koch Trust ANC2013990PF 28$2,297,024.0084-6049291
Henry F. & Minnie F. Koch Charitable TrustOH2013990PF 20$63,774.0035-6011880
Henry F. Koch Residual TrustOH2013990PF 24$527,269.0035-6011881
Hulda M. Koch Charitable Foundation, Inc.OH2012990PF 20$76,271.0038-2803976
Jean Koch Evangelistic AssociationNC2012990PF 17$0.0058-2018290
JULIE MICHELLE KOCH LYONS CORPTX2012990EZ 8$31,142.0026-3304282
Keren Chana V'Yitzchok Koch, Inc.NY2012990PF 15$106,252.0011-2955847
Keren Chana V'Yitzchok Koch, Inc.NY2011990PF 16$102,295.0011-2955847
Keren Chana V'Yitzchok Koch, Inc.NY2009990PF 14$71,915.0011-2955847
Knights of Columbus Monsignor F A Koch Council 6528NC2007990EO 4$11,419.0056-1313417
Koch Bomarko Founders Scholarship Fund, Robert & MargaretMI2012990PF 21$105,683.0035-1781577
Koch Bomarko Founders Scholarship Fund, Robert & MargaretMI2011990PF 37$96,660.0035-1781577
Koch Charitable Foundation, Charles G.KS2010990PF 42$242,332,070.0048-0918408
Koch Charitable Foundation, David H.KS2011990PF 24$71,071,429.0048-0926946
Koch Charitable Foundation, David H.KS2010990PF 22$75,591,886.0048-0926946
Koch Charitable Foundation, Hulda M., Inc.OH2011990PF  $74,483.0038-2803976
Koch Charitable Foundation, Hulda M., Inc.OH2010990PF 15$79,171.0038-2803976
Koch Charitable TrustIL2013990PF 29$1,058,603.0026-2813557
Koch Charitable TrustIL2012990PF 47$942,769.0026-2813557
Koch Charitable TrustWI2011990PF 29$889,166.0026-2813557
Koch Charitable Trust, Donald L.FL2012990PF 22$669,856.0043-6816032
Koch Charitable Trust, Donald L.FL2011990PF 20$445,962.0043-6816032
Koch Charitable Trust, Hazel E.WI2009990PF 15$0.0036-6821588
Koch Charitable Trust, Hazel E.WI2008990PF 21$2,075,451.0036-6821588
Koch Charitable Trust, Hazel E.WI2007990PF 21$2,435,536.0036-6821588
Koch Charitable Trust, Henry F. & Minnie F.OH2012990PF 21$57,755.0035-6011880
Koch Charitable Trust, Henry F. & Minnie F.OH2011990PF 24$55,833.0035-6011880
Koch Charitable Trust, Jacob C.KY2013990PF 24$1,300,201.0061-6128462
Koch Charitable Trust, Jacob C.KY2012990PF 32$1,195,988.0061-6128462
Koch Charitable Trust, Jacob C.KY2011990PF 30$1,357,564.0061-6128462
Koch Crime InstituteFL2007990EZ 10$443.0031-1580410
Koch Evangelistic Association, JeanNC2011990PF 20$6,486.0058-2018290
Koch Evangelistic Association, JeanNC2010990PF 14$7,539.0058-2018290
Koch Family Charitable Foundation, TheOH2011990PF 21$198,437.0020-0578907
Koch Family Charitable Foundation, TheMO2011990PF 22$42,335.0043-6783496
Koch Family Charitable Foundation, TheOH2010990PF 19$212,473.0020-0578907
Koch Family Charitable Foundation, TheMO2010990PF 27$105,507.0043-6783496
Koch Family Childrens Museum of EvansvilleIN2011990 24$3,194,962.0035-1951848
Koch Family FoundationIL2013990PF 18$1,605,569.0027-4274285
Koch Family FoundationIL2012990PF 21$1,819,904.0027-4274285
Koch Family FoundationIL2011990PF 20$1,872,107.0027-4274285
Koch Family Foundation Inc.MD2013990PF 20$17,644.0052-1859184
Koch Family Foundation, Bill and Pat, Inc.IN2012990PF 26$87,746.0026-1272057
Koch Family Foundation, Bill and Pat, Inc.IN2011990PF  $76,377.0026-1272057
Koch Family Foundation, Bill and Pat, Inc.IN2010990PF 23$71,572.0026-1272057
Koch Family Foundation, Dorothy, Inc., TheVA2011990PF 21$1,085,561.0031-1708123
Koch Family Foundation, Dorothy, Inc., TheOH2010990PF 25$712,694.0031-1708123
Koch Family Foundation, Inc.MD2012990PF 25$52,715.0052-1859184
Koch Family Foundation, Inc.MD2011990PF 23$16,857.0052-1859184
Koch Family Foundation, TheMO2005990PF 16$0.0043-1810973
Koch Family Foundation, TheMO2004990PF 14$3.0043-1810973
Koch Family Foundation, TheMO2003990PF 12$500.0043-1810973
Koch FoundationIA2012990PF 20$42,010.0042-1291856
Koch FoundationIA2011990PF 20$49,009.0042-1291856
Koch FoundationIA2010990PF 19$55,967.0042-1291856
Koch Foundation, CharlesKS2011990PF 76$214,087,257.0048-0918408
Koch Foundation, Charles J. & Elizabeth R.OH2012990PF 32$1,562,831.0054-6506420
Koch Foundation, Charles J. & Elizabeth R.OH2011990PF 22$1,073,965.0054-6506420
Koch Foundation, Charles J. & Elizabeth R.OH2010990PF 22$1,184,537.0054-6506420
Koch Foundation, Charlotte A.NY2011990PF 21$24,000.0013-3276467
Koch Foundation, Charlotte A.NY2010990PF 24$110,575.0013-3276467
Koch Foundation, Charlotte A.NY2009990PF 17$150,344.0013-3276467
Koch Foundation, Fred C. and Mary R., Inc., TheKS2011990PF 37$30,320,124.0048-6113560
Koch Foundation, Fred C. and Mary R., Inc., TheKS2010990PF 38$32,315,105.0048-6113560
Koch Foundation, Frederick R., TheNY2002990PF 19$0.0013-3088563
Koch Foundation, Frederick R., TheNY2001990PF 15$14,899,644.0013-3088563
Koch Foundation, Giuliana C. and John D.OH2011990PF 20$12,637.0020-6252094
Koch Foundation, Giuliana C. and John D.OH2010990PF 27$107,042.0020-6252094
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