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NAM HOY FOOK YUM BENEVOLENT SOCCA2015990O 16$1,986,620.0094-1520321
NAM HOY FOOK YUM BENEVOLENT SOCCA2014990O 17$2,021,056.0094-1520321
NAM HOY FOOK YUM BENEVOLENT SOCIETYCA2016990O 16$2,013,109.0094-1520321
TEMPLE OF CUN YUMDC2015990 26$51,542.0052-1893478
TEMPLE OF CUN YUMDC2014990 28$51,918.0052-1893478
TEMPLE OF CUN YUMDC2013990 24$52,123.0052-1893478
The Lee and Yum FoundationNY2015990PF 26$3,835,059.0016-6503671
The Lee and Yum FoundationNY2014990PF 26$3,682,109.0016-6503671
The Lee and Yum FoundationNY2013990PF 25$3,250,327.0016-6503671
The YUM-O Organization, Inc.NY2015990 33$258,763.0020-8107545
The YUM-O Organization, Inc.NY2014990 33$451,602.0020-8107545
The YUM-O Organization, Inc.NY2013990 29$488,237.0020-8107545
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.KY2015990PF 26$15,979,223.0061-1327140
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.KY2014990PF 23$11,330,756.0061-1327140
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.KY2013990PF 28$10,158,048.0061-1327140