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Farid FoundationCT2016990PF 16$258.0020-3096696
Farid FoundationCT2015990PF 23$305.0020-3096696
Farid FoundationCT2014990PF 24$562,047.0020-3096696
Kamran and Kara Farid FoundationFL2016990PF 32$1,504,694.0046-4140140
Kamran and Kara Farid FoundationFL2015990PF 45$1,020,447.0046-4140140
Kamran and Kara Farid FoundationCT2014990PF 22$653,468.0046-4140140
TARIQ FARID FOUNDATIONCT2016990PF 29$1,810,609.0046-3868042
TARIQ FARID FOUNDATIONCT2015990PF 29$2,016,823.0046-3868042
TARIQ FARID FOUNDATIONCT2014990PF 25$8,323.0046-3868042